Troubleshooting: accessing your accounts

Lost your on-line banking identifier or password, or been blocked from accessing your accounts?

Can't remember your password?

You know your identifier, but can't remember your password

You can reset it immediately. To do so, you must have your CCP (Personal Key Card) and a phone number already seized within your personal details. Otherwise, you should visit your personal account manager.

Reset your password

Has your password been cancelled?

You know your identifier and password, but the password has been blocked

You can unblock it as long as you have saved a phone number in your personal details.

Unblock access to your accounts

Lost your identifier?

You can't remember your identifier

In order to recover your login, you may need your IBAN. You may add MA64 to your RIB. For example, If your RIB is 011780000000000000001111 your IBAN will be MA64011780000000000000001111. Therefore, your login will be sent to the mobile number already registred in your personal information.

Recover your identifier

Need to contact us by phone?

If you're having difficulties, you can contact our teams via the Assistance and useful numbers page.